Helen's Potato Bread

This was submitted by Helen Dickey

1 Cpleasantly warm water
1/4 teasactive dry yeast
3/4 Csprouted whole wheat flour
couplepotatoes (not large)
2 or 3 Tbspsalted butter
someunbleached white flour
morewheat flour (sprouted ww or white or both)
butterfor greasing pizza stone or pans.

1. In the morning stir yeast into water in a glass bowl, then add the 3/4 C flour and stir in. Cover and let sit on the table while you go to Mass and shopping or whatever you want to do until late morning or early afternoon. When you come back there will be a foamy sponge of fermenting yeast-flour in the bowl.
2. Peel the potatoes and cook in water until quite soft. Pour out all the water. Add butter. Mash. Add white flour while stirring then knead in more flour until you make something like a dough.
3. Separately, stir the sponge and then add by stirring then kneading the flour until you have a springy dough.
4. Knead the potato dough and the yeast and wheat dough together, adding more flour as needed until you have a nice homogenous springy not-sticky dough, ready for bread. Please note the volume of potato dough may be anything up to the same volume of the wheat yeast dough.
5. Let sit until the new combined dough doubles. Cover but leave plenty of room so it does not dry out but can grow. Maybe an hour.
6. Punch down and gently knead a little more flour in (not much kneading please at this point) and form the shapes of the bread you want. Round 1 and 1/2 inch balls make great rolls. Flat round 1/2 inch thick circles make great buns. Logs about 2 inches in diameter make great loaves. Put the shapes on or in baking vessels that have been well-buttered.
7. Let rise until almost doubled. It will not take long. Bake 325 (or anywhere between 250 and 400) until golden brown. They will grow in the oven. The lower temperatures make them grow more. The final bread is very soft and springy.

NOTE: I normally do not use sugar but you can put a little sugar in the water in the beginning or with the mashed potatoes. Sometimes I used half a yam instead of white/yellow potatoes and it is yummy.