Stuffed Cabbage

This was submitted by Helen Dickey
(My mom made this often when I was young, and then every time we visited after I was married. I make it too. We really like it.)

2 Crice (brown or white) uncooked
2 lbgrass-fed ground beef
1onion, chopped into small pieces
1 teassalt
1/4 teasblack pepper
1 cantomatoes (6 oz tomato paste or any can of tomatoes)

1. Almost core the cabbage so steam can get up inside it. (You want it to stay in a head while cooking, so cut out some of the core, but not all. The piece taken out will be cone shaped.) Cook cabbage until flexible but not mushy or it will rip. You can put it into a crock pot (purple cabbage for about 2 1/2 hours, green for about 2 hours depending on how old the cabbage is, how big it is, and how thick the leaves are). You can also steam it slowly, or boil it, taking off one leaf at a time. I have also heard a microwave works, but I do not own a microwave.
2. Cut each leaf off the cabbage and then cut the midrib off each leaf so that the leaves are uniformly flat and flexible all over. Stack them in a pile, ready for stuffing. Take a couple outer leaves and line the bottom of the big pot you will cook in.
3. Knead together all the other ingredients, except the canned tomatoes.
4. Take a small handful of the filling mixture and put it on a leaf. Roll up the leaf around the filling, folding the edges inward to hold the filling in and to keep it tight and secure. Place into the big pot edges down. Repeat until all the filling is used up, putting each roll in one layer first covering the bottom, then start the next layer doing the same, placing them close to each other...
5. Mix the canned tomatoes/paste with enough water to cover the rolls. (I usually heat this up to boiling first.) Throw all the extra cabbage on top. Put a lid on the pot.
6. Bring to simmer slowly, and then slowly simmer for 2 hours. If you cook too fast or long, the meat will be hard and it will not taste or smell perfect.
7. If you want to you may cream it after cooking by adding sour cream well-mixed with some flour, and some milk, brought to a boil. Pour on top and shake it down in, then heat pot until it starts to boil again. Mom liked to do that.
8. The liquid in the pot and the extra cabbage are just as yummy as the stuffed rolls. Eat and enjoy everything.