Egg McOrange Healthy Breakfast

This was submitted by Helen Dickey

1large navel orange
1/2 Tbspraw apple cider vinegar
1/2small onion, sliced or chopped
a littlesalt
2flat bread rolls or muffins
2slices of cheese

1. Slice one large orange for two center slices 1/4 or 3/8 inch thick (for egg rings). Cut out the 2 ring centers and put them into your blender. See photo. With a knife peel the rest of the orange cutting off only the thin outer orange part of the peel, leaving as much white as possible, and then cube and also put into the blender.
8. Add water to the blender to just amply cover the orange (Watch they float so don't add too much).
9. Add the vinegar to the blender and puree. This is a yummy thick drink is very good for cleaning out arteries if taken first thing in the morning.*
2. Put butter and onions and orange circles into frying pan on low.
3. When onions are clear put a little butter then one egg into each circle and poke the yolk. Salt.
4. You may put bread upside-down onto onions too, if you wish. Put in about a teaspoon of water in the pan somewhere for steam. Cover with lid.
5. When egg is just cooked through, put on cheese and turn off heat and cover.
6. Take a fork and pick off the orange peel and discard (or dice them up small and put them in soup), with all that butter, the rings are surprisingly non-stick.
7. Make your egg sandwiches.

*I had pneumonia last January (2021) and The CT scan showed some calcification of my aorta. I looked on the internet for a natural cure. I wish I could tell you the web address but I can no longer find it. A young male chef showed us to peel the very outer orange part of the peel off, cut up the orange, and puree it in the blender with some raw apple cider vinegar (and some cinnamon and sweetener if you wish) and to drink this first thing in the morning to clean out your arteries. So I tried it. Every morning I used one orange, one soup spoon of the vinegar which is about 1/2 tablespoon, and water. It tastes great without any sweetener to me. I drank it and then I waited about 20 minutes before I ate or drank anything else that day. 3 months later I had another CT scan and a good report. Then I asked the pulmonologist to please look and see if there was any calcification of my aorta. He looked carefully and saw none.

**Butter is liquid at body temperature and is good for you according to: